A zen koan: If Taylor Momsen bares her breasts to a crowd but tabloids can't publish the pictures because she's underage, is it really a celebrity scandal? Of course it is! Saturday Gossip Roundup will bring you peace and prosperity.

  • On Thursday Gossip Girl actress and professional shock jockey Taylor Momsen flashed her 17-year-old breasts to the crowd while performing with her band The Pretty Reckless. (See 1:00 mark of video below.) However, she was wearing pasties covering her nipples, thus saving the entire audience from being arrested for viewing child pornography.
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  • Hollywood Life has a fun poll about this:

Whoever answers "She's done WAY crazier things before this!" must have some DL info on a Taylor Momsen murder and/or drug trafficking ring. (Email us?) It's good that she's getting the public boob-flashing thing out of her system at a young age, when people are legally prohibited from publishing pictures of her boobs. [Hollywood Life]

  • Katy Perry and Russell Brand's insanely drawn-out wedding saga comes to an end, sort of. They got married in front of a crowd of 80 guests at a resort in India near a tiger sanctuary. (No reports on whether Katy Perry flashed her boobs to the audience.) Brand was supposed to come in on a horse flanked by camels, but nobody knows because it was super secretive. [Us Weekly]
  • Speaking of ridiculous life milestone celebrations: It looks like Kim Kardashian will not be having a diamond-studded cake worth more than $1 million at her 30th birthday party. The cake was to be a gift by GLO Night Club owner Danielle Orsino, but Kim said "I'd rather they give me a cupcake and donate the rest of the money to the homeless! So all you need to do these days to get free publicity for your night club is pretend you're giving Kim Kardashian a $1 million cake. [Radar]
  • Jessica Simpson ran into ex-boyfriend Nick Lachey on Thursday while on dates with their current significant others at The Red O in Hollywood. Awkward! Actually, they didn't really talk or even interact. If The Red O was smart, they would have made a "mix-up" that put Jessica and Nick at the same table, and then they'd get back together like in a rom-com. [People]
  • Hip hop mogul Russell Simmons made a joke about Courtney Love being a crackhead because she posted nude pics of herself on Twitter. Love responded: "I'm fairly insulted that he associates me with that drug. What does that mean?" Simmons apologized, although I think Courtney should have just taken the crackhead thing and run with it. At least it's an explanation. [P6]
  • Guys, Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova are still dating contrary to rumors that are apparently out there. We have not heard these rumors, but when we do, we will be sure not to believe them. [P6]
  • Jordan Bratman is still chilling at his and Christina Aguilera's apartment even though they're getting divorced, and she wants him gone. [TMZ]
  • Kate Gosselin's nanny quit because she says Kate Gosselin is insane. Maybe it had something to do with the stress of taking care of 8 fucking kids at once, unless she was an octopus. [Life&Style]