We all know about Vogue editor Anna Wintour's... uh, quirks. Vogue Japan's editor, Anna Dello Russo, is also interesting/scary in that fashion editor way. She has an entire one-bedroom Milan apartment dedicated to her wardrobe.

W Magazine, pulls back the leopard-print curtains on 47-year-old Russo's life in their November issue. ("Picture the ballsiness of Lady Gaga and the inventory of Imelda Marcos rolled into one supercharged style hurricane.") She owns 4,000 pairs of shoes and 250 tuxedo jackets, which necessitates an entire apartment to function as a her walk-in closet.

Even so, her actual live-in apartment looks like this:

New purchases get front-row treatment in the main walk-in closet, next to her leopard-print bedroom. A zoolike collection of exotic fur coats ("It's been a bloodbath-furs are my weakness," she admits) is maintained in labeled cloth bags, while a season's lesser models get relegated to nonslip hangers in the nosebleed back row. Once the season ends, everything is cleared out (except for the furs, which are exempt from expiration dates) to make way for new loot. Depending on the evicted item's star wattage, it may go next door, to apartment number two, from which it may or may not emerge. Or it may be exiled to a giant closeted basement: the fashion graveyard.

Eh, if she were really badass she'd rent a clothes-only apartment in Manhattan.

[Image via Getty]