Here's a teaser trailer for Scream 4, a continuation of the slasher saga that began fourteen long years ago. We're back in Woodsboro and, in addition to the surviving regulars, we're saddled with a whole new cast of youngsters.

There's a Culkin boy playing the Jamie Kennedy part. It looks like Kristen Bell and Anna Paquin are the pre-credits celebrity cameo murder victims. Hayden Pannypants from Heroes is playing yet another high schooler. But really, who cares about them! We just want to see Courteney Cox and David Arquette and Neve Campbell doing their old routine. I think they're all that's left from the original, yes? Everyone else is dead? So that'll be kind of fun, to see them again. I remember the exact day I went to see the first one, not because the movie is so remarkable, but just because it's something I remember. It was the Friday we got out for Christmas vacation. Fourteen years ago!

Anyway. The script makes concessions for the fact that horror movies have changed of late, what with torture porn and video cameras and, I guess, the internet. So we'll see how that goes. Are expectations high for this movie? I'm weirdly excited for it. Meet you at Fresh Pond on opening day?

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