After Beverly Hills 90210 ended, did you ever think your love for actor Luke Perry would be re-ignited? Well, gaze upon these photos of Perry posing with fans at sci-fi convention Dragon Con, and it will be.

Boy, are they, just, brimming with... something. I mean, I'm telling you guys, each one of these photos is like a tiny George Saunders story, in photo form? They're so... moving!

The thing is, your first instinct will be to be mean about Perry, and his seemingly unchanging expression. But you keep scrolling through, and actually—he's sort of having fun, isn't he? In a way Dylan McKay never really could, you know?

There are more portraits—featuring, among others, Spiderman creator Stan Lee and Hercules himself, Kevin Sorbo—here.

God bless you, Luke Perry. You were great in The Fifth Element!

[DragonCon Portraits via BuzzFeed]