Gay Googlers have added their voices to the "It Gets Better" campaign against teen suicide. This is a rich and well edited collection of stories, and it's heartening to realize the participants landed at a company as selective as Google.

They've also landed at a company that's got an enlightened stand on gay rights: Google actually spoke out, as a corporation, against California's gay marriage ban, and as a benefit to gay employees covers the taxes they, unlike heterosexual couples, pay on domestic partner health benefits. (It'd be nice if they finally unblocked "lesbian" from Google Instant results, but whatever.)

The Google "It Gets Better" video features several Googlers wearing t-shirts with a gay Android logo. Judging from the enthusiasm for the shirts in the YouTube comments, Google's contingent of openly gay employees could make some pretty decent coin selling the tees if they ever want to raise money for something. And if, for some strange reason, Google couldn't cough up the cash itself.