College newspaper cartoon controversy alert! We consider it our solemn duty to keep you, the bored public, up-to-date on the very latest unfunny cartoons causing outrage among humorless college students across America. Today: girls are skanks! Dudes love rape! Amirite?

The UConn Daily Campus is "under fire" for... well, you know the drill. They ran two dumb and predictable cartoons which prompted equally predictable outrage. One, "Victory Lap," is pictured above; the other, "Milksteak and Jellybeans," reportedly "showed a male tossing a diamond ring into a bedroom, while a girl, tongue hanging out, chases after it." Go, letters to the editor!

I am so disgusted by comics you ran on Tuesday September 21, that frankly I was fully set to bypass even writing a letter to the editor but heading straight for the Board of Trustees to appeal for a refund of my student fees, which fund this newspaper. Instead (or just first, if I find your answer to be unsatisfactory) I want an explanation about how on earth your editorial staff decided it was okay to print such hate speech.

Laying down the law!

Your writers' flagrant disrespect of women and approval of the Rape Culture that we live in has given me reasonable belief to discredit your entire operation. Unless you are able to come forward with a truly sincere and grandiose apology (I'd accept it in the form of Wussow's, Dellin's, and their supervisor's resignation) then I, and the countless other deeply offended women, students, PEOPLE like me will bring our belief to the Board of Trustees that your paper is truly unfit to print.

Power in diversity!

As a socially conscious man on campus I was outraged when I read the comic section on Tuesday afternoon. The complete misogyny that The Daily Campus exhibited when deciding to include these cartoons, back to back nonetheless, demonstrated their staff's disregard for the worth of a woman. This type of joking is not a joke at all and is a direct contributor to the climate which propagates rape on our campus, a real issue. Congratulations, today I feel ashamed to call myself a Husky.

While the reasonable response would be to simply excise both cartoons and letters to the editor from every college newspaper in America, it would deprive the rest of us of an important source of laffs dialogue.

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