For anyone who wants to have a few drinks without getting too messed up, beer is always a good choice. But the calories! And the beer belly! Fret no more. Here are the healthiest brews. The winner will surprise you.

After taking on french fries and ice cream, the Nutritional Science majors at the Daily Beast have ranked the 50 healthiest brands of beer based on the number of calories, amount of carbohydrates, and the percentage of alcohol.

The winner is I.C. Light, which has 95 calories, 2.8 carbs, and 4.15% alcohol. They also have a major image problem because we've never heard of it. They need to start marketing this thing to gays and ladies, cause who doesn't love to get fucked up without getting pudgy? Number two was Michelob Ultra with 95 calories, 2.6 carbs, and 4.1% alcohol. And coming in third is the frat party cheap beer of choice Natural Light (better known by its street name, Natty Light) with 95 calories, 3.2 carbs, and 4.2% alcohol.

There were some popular brands on the list too. Miller Light was ranked fifth and Bud Light came in at 22. Several non-light versions of beer also made appearances. Regular old Guinness, the "meal in a can," was the 25th most healthy. For all your forty lovers, Olde English 800 came in at 33rd. See you don't have to get all fancy to stay in shape. Now, if they could only find a way to make beer healthy and get rid of those hangovers.

[Image via Glue Stock/Shutterstock]