As rumored and expected, Tribune Co. CEO Randy Michaels is said to be ready to step down this week, to be replaced with an executive committee. On Michaels' way out, we get to hear several more stories of his sexism!

The Chicago Tribune, fittingly, rounds up a parcel of tales of Michaels' idiocy as they report his impending departure. David Carr covered the Tribune Co's idiot frat boy leadership culture well a couple weeks ago, but really, you can never get enough of this:

One former Tribune Co. corporate employee said she had an interaction with Michaels that played a significant role in her decision to leave the company. It occurred shortly after Michaels arrived at Tribune, she said, when she was called to his office to review some documents with him. Michaels, she said, asked her to come around to his side of the desk, even though there was no chair. As she stood next to him, he asked her to lean down and move closer so that eventually she was crouching at his side, which made her feel uncomfortable.

"Then he looked at me and said, 'Did anyone tell you that you'd look really good on your knees?'" she recalled.

Randy you cad! And then there was the other female employee who was wearing beads when Michaels asked her, "What did you have to do to earn those beads? Will you do that for me?" She's now his wife! Oh, no, read that wrong—she was extremely offended. Sorry.

We're sure you look good on your knees too, Randy.

[Chicago Tribune; photo via]