Surely you've heard of Brooklyn's own Jimmy McMillan, founder and CEO of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party, and candidate for governor of New York. He's fighting rent-hiking slumlords for you! Well, he's fighting everyone except his landlord.

McMillan is a funny guy. He's got a few gimmicks and is a far better option for governor than animal porn lover Carl Paladino, but he sorta hates the Jews who own all of Brooklyn, which, you know, might hurt his candidacy. But that's beside the point. The Post caught up with McMillan's building manager, Viola Hampton, and dug up a little dirt. Turns out McMillan's one-bedroom apartment in Flatbush runs him $800 a month. [Update: Or maybe nothing at all? McMillan told the Times, which first reported the story, that he lives in his apartment rent-free.]

When confronted by the Post about his totally average rent, McMillen offered this:

It's not about my rent. It's not about me. What about the children's future? Where will they stay?"

That's a goddamn good point, Jimmy. The children are our future. Keep fighting the Good Fight. [NYP, NYT, image via AP]