Hey! Would you like to see a spy show on HBO? What about a spy show... produced by New Yorker staff writer Malcolm Gladwell and actor Mark Wahlberg? Guess what? Your wish that I just made up has been granted!

Gladwell and Wahlberg will be executive producing the show along with The Interpreter writer Charles Randolph and Boardwalk Empire executive producer Stephen Levinson. Apparently, Gladwell and Randolph had been "working on an idea for a spy project" at the same time as Wahlberg and Levinson.

At some point, they joined up and took it to HBO, who will green light basically anything Mark Wahlberg brings in, and now we have Untitled Malcolm Gladwell Spy Show. The series will focus on a missionary drawn into the world of the CIA in Cold War Berlin. Honestly? We would prefer it was just about Malcolm Gladwell and Mark Wahlberg hanging out and talking about stuff.