A miracle of technology has allowed us to see Jessica Alba naked, even though she swore never to go nude in a movie: She filmed a Machete shower scene in her undies, which retouchers later peeled off, with computers.

"No, I'll never do a nude scene. I can act sexy and wear sexy clothes but I can't go naked," Alba said in an interview early this year. Luckily, you don't have to go naked to be seen naked, anymore. The Daily Mail says the image at left is from Machete's set, in which Alba films a shower scene in her skivvies. (Who showers in their underwear? And, that bra looks weirdly fake, doesn't it?) At right, Alba as she appears in leaked still images from the movie, showing side boob, a crescent of butt, and an anatomically perplexing chunk of upper thigh. A sliver of her belly is missing, too. Did she suck in before the camera rolled, or did the panty-snatchers in post-production remove that, too? [DailyMail via Vulture]