Today at Gawker.TV, Audrina Patridge shimmies around to The Hills' theme song, the mother to Bret Michaels' children likes to box with the Rock of Love girls in mind, and we're introduced How I Met Your Mother's Mother! Finally.

We Finally Meet How I Met Your Mother's Mother (We Hope!)
After a slew of meaningless episodes, HIMYM dived into the important story arc for rest of the season: finding Ted a wife. Jennifer Morrison's Zoey enters the story, immediately catching Ted's eye. Also: a story of small penises.

Audrina Patridge Has the Audacity to Dance to The Hills Theme Song
This week is "TV Theme Week" on Dancing With the Stars, and because Audrina Patridge hasn't done much of anything besides appear on MTV reality shows, she was stuck performing to the song that made her (kind of?) famous.

Bret Michaels' Baby Mama Works Out By Imagining She's Punching the Rock of Love Girls
"My trainer has some pretty different ways to get me motivated," began the mother to Bret Michaels' girls at the gym. "We do this special workout that he designed for me when Bret was doing the Rock of Love shows."

The Botwins are Still Running on Weeds
Just like every other episode of Weeds, we're excited for what happens on the next one. Looks like Nancy goes back to her hometown to see her crazy sister and her dad— played by Richard Dreyfus!

Morning Joe Displays a Fear of Foreigners
The greatest part of Morning Joe is Joe Scarborough's talent for maturely articulating his points and respecting his co-hosts. His second talent is yelling. Joe's vocal frenzy this morning was created by his fear for Mika's safety from "foreigners."