Sweat lodges! Tuna poisoning! Viagra dystrophy! Doctor impatience! Strength in adversity! Missing marathons! Alcohol benefits! Obesity costs! It's your Tuesday Health Watch, where we watch your health—icthyologically!

  • Oh sad, fewer part time hippies are going on sweat lodge vacations ever since all those people died and stuff from the guy in a sweat lodge, a while back. If you want to sweat in a lodge just turn up the thermostat in Vail, like a normal Republican.
  • Some guy who ate ten cans of tuna a week for years is now suing Bumble Bee tuna, saying all that tuna gave him mercury poisoning. He's also suing the grocery story that sold it to him. He should also sue all the ladies who didn't go out on dates with him! Cause of that stank tuna breath (and the mercury poisoning).
  • Viagra is reportedly a useful drug for fighting muscular dystrophy. Yea...........................................................and for fighting cock dystrophy. Sorry guys! But you guys!
  • Have you ever gotten impatient while you were waiting at the doctor's office? Here are some coping strategies. Have you ever gotten impatiens while you were waiting at the doctor's office? Here are some coping strategies.
  • A new study found that experiencing a few adverse events in your life actually gives you better mental health. But experiencing too many adverse events makes you dead.
  • I know you really wanted to run that Boston Marathon this year, but sorry, registration is all filled up. Dang, shoot, one more year of sitting around and eating donuts.
  • Yes, there are some health benefits to alcohol consumption, but only if you consume far less than it would take you to get drunk. So really, the hell with it.
  • According to the latest research, obesity costs America $168 billion a year, more than one-sixth of all the nation's medical costs. Plenty of room to grow, America.

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