Sarah Palin hit Twitter today to endorse another "Mama Grizzly": John "Sky-Lasers" Raese for Pennsylvania's Senate seat! While Raese must appreciate the nod, he probably wishes she'd endorsed him for West Virginia's seat instead, since that's where he's running.

First, the mistake:

Then, the babbling cleanup. Perhaps you can guess how this played out in real time: The original tweet was changed to "PA & WV." Then, after a group huddle with her minions, a plan to write another tweet and a Facebook post (to which the most recent tweet links) about how all major energy-producing states need to send their respective Republican candidates to Washington. She was never referring to just West Virginia's John Raese when she endorsed John Raese in the Pennsylvania-specific tweet, you fools! This, and other implications:

So that's what happened on Sarah Palin's Twitter today. Exciting! Can election day please happen like tomorrow?

[via TPM]