After a slew of meaningless episodes, HIMYM dived into the important story arc for rest of the season: finding Ted a wife. Jennifer Morrison's Zoey enters the story, immediately catching Ted's eye. Also: a story of small penises.

Barney gets Ted a job with him at Golliath National Bank, where he's set to build a new sky scraper in Queens. Problem: upon seeing the place, he feels there's too much history to the site and wants off the project. Also: He meets Zooey, an architect-nerd that's beautiful—and signing up people to petition against the rebuilding of the site. Ted has found his perfect match... except that he lies, tells Zooey he's a Vet and signs her petition. Highlights of the two's storyline (and Barney's attempts to mess it all up) below:

[There was a video here]

So, this is Zoey. Ted's match. We feel this to be true because she's an activist, Architecture nerd, lover of old things, an old soul...

...and Jennifer Morrison has signed on for at least 13 episodes this season. So there's that.

The rest of the cast's storyline revolved around Robin's latest flame (who wasn't packing a whole lot down there.) Lily made the mistake of telling Marshall, and ...let's just say he had penis on the brain:

[There was a video here]