Andrew Fashion—the web entrepreneur who earned and blew $2.5 million before his 22nd birthday—took a break from his career of model networking, dating advice and glamour photography to discuss his sex life, facial hair, and net worth.

We emailed 20 questions to Andrew Fashion, some of which were culled from the comment section of our story about him last week. Here are his answers.

1. How does it feel to be a viral sensation?
You know, I actually like it a lot. I like buzz, I like attention, just like anybody else :)

2. How did you get the name "Andrew Fashion"?
Just bullshitting around on AIM one day with a friend of mine about nick names and domain ideas, so I immediately purchased when I said it. Photography wasn't even in my mind at the point, as I wasn't a photographer yet. Once I got into photography, I remembered that domain name, and ever since, it's just been my identity. Everyone calls me Mr. Fashion in this state. [Editor: His real name is "Thompson."]

3. What was the most fun part of blowing $2.5 million before the age of 22?
The ability to do anything, anywhere, at anytime. If I wanted to ride a helicopter I could, travel first class to Fiji, buy a car, eat the most expensive food, or just do anything, I could... It's the most amazing feeling in the world. I would say that was the most fun about spending.

4. What was the crappiest part of blowing $2.5 million before the age of 22?
Somehow, I managed to spend more than I made, and put myself in debt, big debt. In the back of my mind, I always had tax concerns, and "I should be managing my money better" yelling at me inside of my head. To bad I didn't listen to well to the little voice.

5. You recently launched, a pick-up artist website and book. How did you become a pick-up artist?
My book isn't actually PUA material, far from it, I've never considered myself a PUA, although I could do it if I wanted, and easily. My material is what I've learned over the years to make women absolutely crazy about you, where it's pre-dating, while dating, or post-dating, or even if you're married. Or even if she gave you the friend card. My material is simply amazing, I literally have 5+ women on my jock always wanting to "sleepover." If you men out there need help, trust me, my book is worth it! :)

6. How many women have you slept with?
The only reason I have an idea of this number is because I had to have this data for my sales page, if I was going to use that data or not, because I notice a lot of PUAs advertise how many women they have slept with on their sales page. I'm in the 40's.

7. What is your current relationship status?

8. What is your current net worth?
I guess net worth includes your assets, my house right now is valued at 550k, but in this market right now, I could sell for 475k. Give or take, $400-$500k I guess?

9. How has your career in glamour photography/modeling affected your life?
Photography impacted a lot, big time. I took it up as a hobby, and it became an addiction. I made some great connections in LA. I have shot 2 celebrities, Ursula Mayes, and Aubrey O'Day. I've made big connections with various artists, such as the lady who designed a majority of Britney Spears' music videos, and magazines. Once I get back to LA, I will be able to boom my Photography hobby again. It has gotten me laid quite a few times, and it doesn't hurt shooting half naked women as a hobby.

10. Who would you rather: Adriana Lima in a whipped cream bikini, or Marissa Miller in a fishnet body stocking?
Adriana Lima any day of the week. Body stockings are whack anyways.

11. What do your parents think of your career?
Career as web developer and entrepreneur. Mother is proud.

12. Do you now or have you ever worn Ed Hardy?
Hell no, and no. I wore 'loud' clothing before Affliction ever even blew up and became a trend. I would shop at a store called "Cool Waves" and they had all kinds of that loud style clothing (nothing like Ed Hardy), I gave up loud clothing as soon as I saw a lot of people wearing it. Went straight back to clean cut, and never looked back. Fitted clothing, GQ style, very sharp.

13. Describe the current state of your facial hair.
Buzzed head, military style, side burns go all the way down, into the chin hair, an almost complete Goatee, unfortunately my Goatee doesn't complete itself. And yes, the a soul patch.

14. Describe your childhood.
Brat, obnoxious, loud, diagnosed with ADHD, addicted to the computer by grade 5, started HTML grade 6. Babysitters hated me, and I was always in time out. Only child.

15. You famously dropped out of high school, and went on—among other things—to write books. Do you ever think about going back to school?
I considered it in the very beginning yes. But after realizing, that anyone can build a company with just an idea and persistence.

16. Your profile on (a social networking site you recently launched) shows off your fit body. Describe your fitness routine.
The Abs Diet book is my religion, and P90X.

17. You've said if you could do it over, you'd invest your money more wisely. How?
I could go on for a long time about this, there are just so many things I could do differently. I try not to dwell on the past on what I could of done differently, because it just irritates me. But off the top of my head, I know I would invest in the market somewhere, I can't just spit out what stocks or commodities right now, because I would research a lot before I invested.

I would of probably took 1 million of the 2.5 million I made, and put it down 5 million dollar commercial apartment building. Try to get the best location with the lowest vacancy, the most units, and with a great property manager. If I would of done that at age 19, imagine what the building might be valued at today or another few years from now. A 100 unit building probably appreciated big time, considering all of the foreclosures, and sub-prime mess, put everybody into apartments who couldn't afford their home. I could 1031 exchange that 5 million dollar unit and upgrade to a 10 million dollar unit. Just one of my ideas I could of done.

With the other 1.5 million, maybe take 500k and mess around with another unit, or maybe Gold/Silver/Commodities/Oil/Energy, who knows... And of course, I would have to figure out my taxes right this time too.

18. If you got in a fight with The Situation, who would win, why, and how?
I had to ask my friend who The Situation was. I then Googled him, putting me up against a Jersey Shore guy eh? Haha. He's obviously a little bigger than me, it looks like. Depends, I have 2 years of wrestling background, and I weigh a good 185 right now, if he's in my weight range, I could probably take him on the ground. As far as off the ground, who knows, guess we'd have to see.

19. Are you interested in reality TV?
Never have watched one reality episode in my life, true story, no lie. [Editor: I followed up to clarify. I wanted to know if he'd be IN a reality show.] I'd absolutely be interested in being on reality TV shows, or whatever was pitched at me. A few people have reached out to me about it, will see what happens.

20. Anything else you'd like to say?
I appreciate the follow up. You know, it was really hard on me, living the high life, then spending my money stupidly and ending up in huge amounts of debt. Picking myself back up, and overcoming that debt was the hardest thing to do in my life. I was about to declare bankruptcy. If I could pick myself back up, and raise money from investors with a dime in the bank, a full business plan, or even a GED, anyone can. It's just that I have the determination, most people don't have.

Update: Andrew Fashion has joined our comments section! He answers reader skepticism here and LOLs here. Say what you will, but never say he isn't a brave man.


How to Earn and Blow $2.5 Million Before Your 22nd Birthday

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