If, like many elitist heathens, you consider a megachurch in Orange County to be one of the most objectionable things your imagination could ever conjure up, you'll be impolitely happy to hear that the Crystal Cathedral is bankrupt. (Financially).

The, ah... majestic Crystal Cathedral was the massive home base of famed "Hour of Power" teevee preacher Robert Schuller, who stepped down last summer after somehow managing to get his church $55 million in debt. Those donations to the poor are expensive, I guess?

Now, the church is paying cash for everything with the main goal to "stay out of credit card debt," ['Hour of Power' executive producer Jim] Penner said. The church owes $7.5 million to vendors and has a $36 million mortgage on the property.

You know what Jesus always said: Don't just roll over your credit card debt onto another credit card in order to finance your economically unsustainable garish monumental attention-seeking megachurch, there in Gomorrah.

[Pic: radiobread]