"A lot of people talk about the romantic sound of pulling a cork," says wine-on-tap purveyor Hardy Wallace, as he shows NPR his bottle-free wine. The thought of "tasting" from a tap is just, dear lord, horrifying. But it's eco-friendly!

The sweet, sweet sound of an aged cork popping as you tuck into a foie gras small plate could soon go the way of the aerosol can, if a bunch of hippies have their way. One man, Gus Vahlkamp — from San Francisco no less — serves wine from a tap at his restaurant chain because "It's better to reuse than recycle." No more wine bottles means his "recycling has been reduced by at least half." Yay!

Wallace's winery, Natural Process Alliance, only sells its wine in kegs or in 3/4-liter, eco-friendly steel containers. This guy clearly belongs in Brooklyn:

NPA buys mostly organic grapes, and because its wines are made with native yeasts and minimal handling, they're meant to be drunk young and don't travel well. So NPA only sells its wine within a 100-mile radius. Wallace makes the deliveries, like a dairy man from America's past.

The takeaway here? If your bourgeois ass don't stop drinking wine from glass bottles, you're just part of the problem. Period.

Personally, I prefer this.

[Image via AP]