Today we exhibited a little faux-outrage over the success of the latest Jackass movie that some of you mistook for real outrage. So you rushed to the film's defense. One of you in particular got totally intellectual about the issue.

From DrMuerto:

Jackass 3-D premiered at the MOMA. It's a beautifully shot piece of work and it's anarchic fun is a triumph of the human spirit. I think most middle-brow nags seem to disdain it without seeing it because they can't get beyond the fact that it lacks a narrative structure that they can wrap their modernist bourgeoise expectations of linearity around. When they see something that deviates slightly from that but still retains a straightforward structure, like Inception, they'll talk your ear off about how it's "a thinking person's film." When their expectations are actually challenged by something like Jackass, then all they can say is that its a sign of the inevitable decline of American and how everyone who likes it must be stupid

So, uh, there you have it?