Meet Katherine Chloé Cahoon, a young(ish?) Vanderbilt grad who has written a book called The Single Girl's Guide to Meeting European Men. The book has turned into videos. Truly incredible videos.

As you can see from the above segment, Ms. Cahoon is a polished expert not only in the art of European courtship, but in video making. Now I know that to some of you Nelly Naysayers out there it may seem that these videos are some kind of "parody." But after some in-depth internet research, it seems that they are, in fact, thrillingly real. Cahoon's book is on Amazon and she has a Facebook page. That's about all you need to be real in this world, these days.

So please watch in splendid amazement as KCC drops some glazed knowledge on you about how to not only meet European guys, but about why you want to meet European guys. You'll learn a lot, I'll bet. And look forward to the movie version of her crazy tales of traveling through Europe with her friends during college summers. Supposedly that is in the works. Happy guys!

[Thanks, Videogum]