It just is. Deal with it. Also today: Yet another show ripped from the Twitter headlines, Kate Beckinsale continues her odd career, Johnny Galecki is moving into the big time, and Darren Aronofsky is moving out of it.

Jennifer Westfeldt, aka that lady who sleeps with Jon Hamm on the regs, is making a new movie called Friends With Kids and she has just cast Megan Fox as a hot girl that Westfeldt's character's husband (played by Adam Scott) starts dating. Hamm will pair up with Kristen Wiig as another couple for the movie, which Westfeldt also wrote. So isn't that nice. It's all working out pretty well for Ms. Westfeldt. Exciting movie, good cast, Mike Nichols is producing, plus she goes home to Jon Hamm's ham every night. Pretty sweet little setup she's got. Except ha! She cast Megan Fox! Ha! Not so perfect now, are you Westfeldt? I mean, Megan Fox is an accomplished comedienne, that's for sure, but I just don't think she's right for this role. There are so many roles she's right for, she's a modern-day Goldie Hawn, but I just don't think this is it. So ha, Westfeldt. Your life stinks same as mine. Same as all of ours. [THR]

Mark Wahlberg and Kate Beckinsale are in talks to star in an adaptation of an Icelandic movie called Reykjavic-Rotterdam, to be called Contraband in this version. Wahlberg would play a former criminal trying to go straight, but who gets sucked back into the wacky world of crime horrors by his wife's (Beckinsale) brother. So, fine. Cheapish thriller, made a bit bigger by Wahlberg's presence. People are acting like Beckinsale means good business for the movie too, which, really? I know Underworld did well, but is she a name that can open movies? I guess so. I kinda think she's had one of the weirdest careers in showbiz, bouncing regularly between strong acting in good indies (Laurel Canyon, Nothing But the Truth, Snow Angels) to nearly unwatchable movies about sexy monster hunters (Van Helsing, Underworld: Evolution). I guess she just likes makin' dough, which I can respect. Still, though. It's weird to think about. Oh, I guess there was Pearl Harbor? Where does that fit in? [Deadline]

Darlene's insanely rich boyfriend is really making it big! Johnny Galecki has signed on to Andrew Nicol's sci-fi thriller I'm.Mortal (get it?) about a time in the future when people don't age anymore (get it now?). He'll be a drunken loser friend of Justin Timberlake's. Wow, and here I thought the last we'd see of ol' Galecki was when he got a fishhook to the chin in I Know What You Did Last Summer. (I later saw him in a play as a gay street hustler, which was certainly a change of pace.) Meanwhile, Darlene is doing this. [THR]

Darren Aronofsky has decided he's had enough of all this critical acclaim from movies like The Wrestler and the upcoming Black Swan and that he'd like to return to his The Fountain days of infamy. So, he's decided to direct X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2 (that's the actual title of a movie), about the continued adventures of AmeriCanada's favorite mutant amnesiac. Lots of directors had been competing for this gig, presumably because they had the Beckinsale bling-bling motivation in their eyes, not because Gavin Hood's first Origins movie was so good. I mean, (get it?) was in that one, so. [Deadline]

Oh man. C'mon guys. ABC Family has quietly pulled the plug on their Friday Night Lights reruns because they were underperforming. Do you know how badly reruns have to be underperforming to get pulled off the air? Badly. Why won't people watch this show? Now, I admit to being a late convert, but I still converted! This is a great, great, great show everyone, and here was your opportunity to watch it for free, rather than on the Netflix (which you do pay money for) or at your college's media library. (Is that a thing that people do anymore? I used to go watch movies and stuff in the library between classes if I didn't want to go back to my dorm. I suppose other people had sex during that time. But I, friends, was not other people.) So yeah. That's gone now. That poor show. That poor, lovely show. [EW]

For heaven's sake. Ashton Kutcher, god of destruction, is producing a sitcom that CBS is interested in. Yes, an Ashton Kucher-produced sitcom on CBS. That is bad enough! But it gets worse The show is based on a Twitter account, particularly that Dear Girls Above Me Twitter account about the girls who live above a guy. Shit My Girls Say, perhaps? That Girls Above Me Show? Last Person to Leave the World Please Turn the Lights Off? Any of those could work. [THR]

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