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Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter, has described his company as a "globally meaningful... triumph of the human spirit." One other personal passion: flavored vodka for apple martinis, apparently. Stone doesn't just drink them — he's become a spokesman.

Noting that Stone's new ad for Stolichnaya Vodka comes in both print and video formats and features the co-founder talking to a clone of himself, Fast Company asks, "Is @Stoli that desperate for Twitter followers, or is Twitter that desperate for Stoli Vodka?" Or maybe Twitter, which has less than a third as many registered users as Facebook, is just hungry for recruits: Stone spends most of the ad talking about his company, pausing only briefly to order "Stoli Gala Applik," the sweetened and apple-flavored vodka popular in drinks like the "candy apple martini" and the "apple pie white Russian." For a devotee of San Francisco's hard-core cocktail temple Bourbon & Branch, that's got to be a little embarrassing. But, hey, maybe this ad will help change the world.

Here's the print ad via Fast Company: