Ohmigawd, the "Starbucks of the Future" is here! What distinguishes this futuristic utopian Starbucks from the hobo-sheltering Starbucks of today? More booze.

As one would expect, USA Today got an exclusive tour of the much-anticipated Starbucks of the Future, which is a Starbucks located in a schmancy part of Seattle (playing the part of "the future"), Starbucks is meticulously remaking itself as a coffee shop that does not outwardly appear to be governed by a Corporate Death Star. Furnishings are "salvaged." Lighting is "dimmed." The design is "low key." It "doesn't scream Starbucks." (It only cost several hundred thousand dollars to achieve that effect). And the most important innovation of the future: more dranks to drank.

It will serve regional wine and beer. It offers an expansive plate of locally made cheeses - served on china...This is the calling card of independent java joints that have been eating and sipping away at Starbucks' evening business for decades. U.S. Starbucks stores get 70% of business before 2 p.m.

So you'll be able to go to Starbucks for your morning coffee; for your afternoon cheese plate; and for your evening wine, before retiring to your human-pod for some soothing Soma—in the future.

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