Click to viewKatherine O'Connor was having an asthma attack while walking home in New Jersey with her boyfriend. Luckily, there was a CVS right there. But she only had $20, and the inhaler cost $21. And CVS wouldn't give it to her.

Do you have asthma? Well, try not to be poor, too! Or, actually, not poor, just... a dollar short:

"I had exactly a twenty-dollar bill. It came to twenty-one and change," [her boyfriend] Jack Brown said. "I offered him my cell phone, my wallet. I said i live right around the corner. I come in here all the time."

He was told the inhaler with tax would cost just over $21. He was short a dollar and change.

"I said 'Can you just give her the pump. She's on the floor wheezing," Jack said. "I didn't know if an ambulance would get there on time. He said there was nothing he could do for me."

Disgusting! It just disgusting, that this freeloading, alleged "asthma sufferer" tried to have one over on a proud, hardworking company like CVS. Under Obamacare, the drugstore would have been forced, by the government, to give her the inhaler, and a manicure, and a free style consultation, and a two-liter bottle of coke.

But in real life, her boyfriend knew a paramedic, who rushed over and administered the inhaler to O'Connor. The specific CVS store had "no comment," while the corporation says "The well-being of our customers is our highest priority and we are looking into this matter."