And it's gonna be a big one. Also today: Some TV show announcements that will please both nerds and gays, and nerdy gays. The Muppets meet some friends. And the world's sexiest director lands another sexy project.

OK! Quick Trade Roundup today, because it's Friday and who really wants to read long bullshit about entertainment news on a Friday? Nobody! So, here we go.

Nerdddssssssss! Heed my call! ABC has announced that their vagina- alien-themed show V will return on Tuesday, January 4th at 9pm. Get ready to be mildly disappointed all over again. Gayyyysssssss! Heed my call! ABC has also announced that their show Skating With the Stars will begin on November 22nd! Observe the re-ascension of Nicole Bobek! Behold Elvis Stojko! Go wild for Paul Wylie! Experience the bonhomie of Surya Bonaly! Ahem. Sorry. I'm just pretty excited for this program. (Even though yes, I know, they already did it on Fox a while back and it was very bad. I don't care.) [EW]

You know how we're always joking that Hollywood is sooo original all the time and we're being sarcastic? Well, this time I am being deadly serious. Hollywood is just very original. Remember ABC from the paragraph above? Well. They are working on a TV show version of... The Incredible Hulk! The other one was on CBS, but this one will be on ABC. See? So different? [THR]

OoooOOoooOooo... Director Paul Verhoeven, known for his understated work on films as varied as Total Recall and Basic Instinct, has climbed aboard a ghost movie about a sexy, sensual succubus. Sharon Stone is on hand to play the succubus's grandmother. GET IT? [Deadline]

Two decidedly Muppetish actors, Chris Cooper and Amy Adams, are in talks to join the cast of Jason Segel's big new Muppets movie. Adams would be the girlfriend and Cooper would be the mean old villain who wants to kill the Muppets and drill for oil under their studio. Also joining the cast is non-Muppetish non-actress Rashida Jones. (OK, so I didn't see her in The Social Network but otherwise she's the same in everything and though she is likable, it doesn't really feel like "acting". So there.) [THR]

Nerds. Please, heed my call once more today. I promise this is it. Peter Jackson's deal to direct Le Hobbit is finalized and filming will begin in February. So, have one of your nerd jamborees or whatever tonight. Gays? I got nothin' for you. You don't need to heed my call. (Unless I call you at the clurrrb tonight! You'd better pick up then, girl!) [NYT]

Art house director Jimmy-James Cameron is rumored to be circling a big project about Cleopatra. In 3D! You know, that's great. It's been so long since I've seen or heard anything from Cleo, Yonah, and Angel. I don't know who Angelina Jolie, rumored to be involved, would play though. Their manager maybe? We'll see! [Deadline]