Here's a trailer for Drive Angry, a movie about an angry man (Cage) who drives back from Hell (seriously) to get revenge on the cult (I think?) who killed his family. This is part of Cage's I'm Still Here, right?

I know it's not terribly original at this point to ask "WTF is Nicolas Cage doing???" but, really, what the fuck is Nicolas Cage doing? Not only is he doing this Hell-warrior thing, he's also doing a Ghost Rider sequel. Plus there was this insane thing. I know he's broke from buying lots of German castles and everything, but why is Nicolas Cage doing these things? Is he having fun? Is he serious? It's so hard to tell. Werner Herzog recently harnessed the crazy into something moderately interesting with Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, but without a capable and daring director like that, the Cage-rage just ends up so unsettling.

Is it an elaborate joke? A cry for help? Who's to say. Cage has never been a terribly good actor — save for Leaving Las Vegas, Moonstruck, Adaptation, and arguably Face/Off — so it's not like we're losing one of the greats here. But watching anyone slip into madness, whether real or staged, is just not very pleasant. Someone please figure this situation out and report back. In the meantime, we will be waiting for Drive Angry 3D to pop up on Showtime 2 or something.