A surprisingly detailed (but possibly fake) story about Kate marrying her rockstar boyfriend. Snooki plans her Halloween costume: A pickle. Christina Aguilera files for divorce. Jesse James and Kat Von D are on the rocks. TGIFriday gossip.

  • Kate Moss secretly married boyfriend and The Kills guitarist Jamie Hince, according to not-terribly-trustworthy British tabloid The Mirror. They have a ton of details, though, and they couldn't have just made them all up, could they? (Maybe.) With 80 guests, they wed in a church in Sicily. Kate was "barefoot" and "wore a see-through white gown." After the ceremony, she ran outside to "dance under the trees," "giggling" with glee. This news comes after months of marriage speculation; she wore suspicious gems on her ring finger all summer. [Mirror, image via INF, click to enlarge]
  • For Halloween, Snooki is going as a pickle: She'll wear a custom-made, sequined pickle outfit and sparkly green shoes. She's hosting a "Nightmare in Jersey" Halloween party, where she will likely confront dozens of females dressed like her. [P6]
  • Christina Aguilera has officially filed for divorce music industry husband Jordan Bratman. The reason was "irreconcilable differences," they're seeking joint custody of their two-year-old son, and said they have a prenup. [NYDN, Radar]
  • Most hated couple in America Jesse James and Kat Von D might be breaking up! They only went public a month ago, but apparently Kat's "losing patience" with the long distance relationship. He lives in Austin, Texas—where his kids still spend time with Sandra Bullock—and Kat lives in L.A. [People]
  • Your daily Katy Perry-Russell Brand wedding rumor: Three-day tiger safari followed by a Hindu ceremony at the Taj Rambagh Palace. [P6]
  • In other dubious and perhaps unnecessary Perry-Brand news, Russell Brand said this: "We'll do a sex tape! Give them what they want!" Woot. [People]
  • Taylor Swift once stalked an 11-year-old girl who was wearing a Taylor Swift t-shirt. Apparently she saw the girl from her car, "made a U-turn and tried to follow her," eventually finding the youth in a video game store: "just kind of walked up to her and said, ‘Oh, hi. I wanted to meet you.' She had no idea what to say for about three minutes. Then her mom walked over, burst into tears, and proceeded to tell me that they'd driven all the way from Austin, Texas, just to see where I was discovered." And that is the story of the day Taylor Swift gave an 11-year-old girl a heart attack. [Parade]

The Hard Rock Cafe acquired a letter Madonna wrote to Steven
while filming A League of Their Own, and it's pretty funny. On yellow notepad paper, Madge says she "hate[s] actresses," and that, "when God decided where the beautiful men were going to live in the world, he did not choose Chicago." [LettersofNote, image by Hard Rock International via LettersOfNote.com]

  • Katherine Heigl says the story about her neighbor calling the cops to report her annoyingness is untrue: She called the cops on them. She was "totally just making out" with her husband in the hot tub and "it was so PG" when the neighbor started "screaming at us to go inside." So, she was getting her mack on, a passerby told her to get a room, and then the cops came? That might be even funnier. (If reasonable. Couples should be allowed to get their mack on in the privacy of their own jet-bubbling jacuzzis.) [Us]
  • I can't believe this actually worked: Two girls went to a Hoda Kotb book signing and slipped the Today show host a note entitled "10 Reasons Why You Should Date Our Father." After the signing, she had dinner with him, and date #2 is in the works. [P6]
  • Keith Richards describes the time he set fire to the Chicago Playboy mansion by smoking dope in the bathroom. Long but worth the read if you enjoy phrases like "we've got the docs bag" and "we're just smorgasboarding." [P6]