Hey Project Runway fans—come join our live blog of tonight's episode! There are bitches on the show and you can bitch about it. But don't be too bitchy. Who are we kidding, be as bitchy as you want.

It's good for your karma, and maintaining good karma is important. You wouldn't want to be attacked by a sewing machine one day, would you? I didn't believe in karma before last week—but I do now, based on the following logic: 1. Ivy told us she believes in karma. 2. Ivy's a bitch, 3. Karma's a bitch 4. It takes a bitch to know a bitch. 5. Ivy got attacked by a sewing machine. Ergo: karma exists, quod erat demonstrandum. Res ipsa loquitur!

Here's something else I believe: that some of you out there haven't participated in one of these live blogs before, but should. I also believe you're probably good at following instructions, so here's how to do it: Turn on your TV, tune it to Lifetime, and use the comments section below this post to provide a running commentary of what's happening on tonight's episode, which starts at 9 pm Eastern. The rest of us will be doing the same. Together, like the proverbial hundred monkeys, we'll all type out the great American Project Runway novel—one piece of random inanity at a time!

I also believe that the commenters who gather here each week are the wittiest live-bloggers on the Web. As evidence of that, I've assembled a collection of highlights from last week's live blog, so be sure to check that out when you get a chance. Other memorable moments from last week included these:

  • Commenter ShrutiBorus came up with a great name for the couch that Mondo sulked on, as Casanova had before him: "The Diva Divan."
  • We were happy to see two of our favorites, Casanova and Peach, among the six ex-contestants who returned to help out in the workroom. But Casanova never said "plosh poppies" or "ex-ah-ctly," which was kind of a bummer—and we hardly saw Peach at all, which was the pits.
  • Commenters continued to express very polarized opinions on Michael C.: People either really like him or hate him, it seems. I guess he's kind of like cilantro that way.
  • April's outfits inspired imaginative comparisons from commenters, such as "Darth Vader attending a funeral in Palm Springs" (from Ms.Anthropy) and "muumuus for Aunt Bea on vacation in a dungeon" (from gerlisoutofexile)—two descriptions which really kind of add up to the same thing, when you think about it.
  • We were not surprised by the elimination of...um...oh hell, I've forgotten who he was already.

But I haven't forgotten what I saw in a few preview clips of tonight's episode—which is the last one before the two-part Fashion Week finale begins. So here are a few things to watch for as we live blog tonight:

  • The guest judge will be that famous fan favorite, former contestant Christian Siriano. In honor of his equally famous catch-phrase, I think it would be cool if tonight's challenge were to create an actual "hot tranny mess." Then he could make judging comments like: "That's certainly a mess, but I don't think it's really a tranny mess. And it lacks hotness."
  • Gretchen will say something corny to Tim that will put him in the awkward position of having to give her a hug—although you'll be able to tell that he really doesn't want to. He'll try to get away with a quick elbow squeeze instead, but...no dice.
  • Michael C. will break out a Michael Kors voice impersonation that's so good, it's almost a little scary. Why has he been hiding this talent all season?

OK all you crazy monkeys, it's time to get typing—those random inanities won't write themselves, you know. I'll see you down in the comments!