Don't you think? Isn't it just such a grand a idea? Also today: You guys are all watching terrible TV, the next Twilight movie has a super random cast of vampires, and some misleading news about Sinbad.

If there's one thing we can always say about Hollywood, it's that they are always very original. Hollywood: So many new ideas. Here's evidence: There was that movie Top Gun back in the '50s or whatever, so someone in Hollywood had the new idea to do a new Top Gun, a Top Gun 2 if you will. They are putting this thing together, with the guy who wrote the Usual Suspects (and The Way of the Gun) writing the first draft. Tom Cruise would be in it, but in a smaller role. Like, the Tom Skerritt role. Tom Cruise is the new Tom Skeritt! God, the worst thing about all of this is thinking about who they're going to cast as the cocky young pilot. They're always so "cocky." Who will it be? Oh god, I can't even bear to think about it. The ridiculous David Ellison is involved with this project, which makes sense. I mean as Flyboys proved, he really knows his way around a successful movie about cocky young airplane pilots. Oh Hollywood. Why are you so magic? [Vulture]

ABC is figuring out which of its shows are working and which aren't. They've ordered four more scripts for No Ordinary Family, their series that's a little bit Heroes, a little bit Fantastic Four, and a little bit lame. So good for them! Really I'm just happy for Julie Benz, who deserves work, even if it's Honey We Magicked the Kids, and Ourselves: The Series. Uh, let's see. ABC also ordered more episodes of Brothers & Sisters, duh, and... that's it! No Ordinary Family has done well, but that's about the only new show on ABC's slate that has. Well, that Better with You show has done "well", if you define "well" as having decent ratings and not "well" as being something beneficial to humanity in any way, which Better with You is most certainly not. So, there you have it. Oh, and a Shonda Rhimes show that hasn't even premiered yet got one additional script order. Makes sense. [Deadline]

Ohhh giggles! Additional casting has been announced for the upcoming Twilight: Breaking Dawn movie(s) that everyone is pumped for. And all the actors... have no names. It is a bunch of no-names. People like "Toni Trucks" and "Judi Shekoni". Those aren't actors, those are the names of an '80s-era New York City bartender's roommates. Some people with slight names, Lee Pace and the fairly edible Rami Malek, are also playing random vampires (oh, all the casting was for vampires, from various clans around the globe, like Romania and the Amazon and Egypt and Akron), but we already knew about their casting. Mostly it's just Johnny Whoseitses, like "Angela Sarafyan" and "Guri Weinberg." And those aren't actors, those are the names of Bryn Mawr RAs. [THR]

Let's say you were a comedian who was popular in the '80s and '90s and nowadays you spend a lot of time Googling yourself and then one day you see "Syfy to develop Sinbad movies." Let's just say that. Do you think you'd clap your hands, give your Houseguest poster a big wet kiss, yell "Sinbad's back on top, baby!", and continue reading, only to see that Syfy isn't developing movies for you, a struggling comedian, it's developing movies about Sinbad the pirate, like from olden times? Do you think you'd do that? And then, after a moment, now that you actually think about it, you realize it wouldn't really make sense for you to be in something called Sinbad and the Minotaur. What do you have to do with Minotaurs? Not much, that's what. Not much at all. Ah well. [Variety]

Joe Carnahan, who did the good Narc and the bad Smokin' Aces, has been tapped to direct Umbra, a thriller about a man who finds a cassette tape that contains a dark secret and blah blah. You know what I want to see? A thriller called Umbro, about a man terrorized by silk shorts-clad 12-year-olds on furlough from soccer camp. I want to see the horror I lived through in the summer of 1993 represented on screen somehow. This other one, this Umbra? Eh, sure, fine. [Deadline]

We told you about ABC ratings, now let's wake up your grandparents and talk about CBS's. (Ha ha, CBS is watched by old people! Except when The Good Wife is on. Then CBS is watched by me, so hard.) You know what's doing well over on CBS? The Defenders, a show starring Jerry O'Connell and Jim Belushi. And you know the funny thing is, I— Actually. No. I can't do it. You want Jim Belushi and Jerry O'Connell, America? Fine, have 'em. Have all the Jim Belushi and Jerry O'Connell you want. Have it on TV, have it in movies, have it in politics. Fine. It's what you want. I'm going to get into this little sailboat and just sail off into the ocean. Come look me up on my little island if you ever get tired of Jim Belushi and Jerry O'Connell. (You won't.) [EW]