Shady political direct-mail campaigns mostly fly under the media's radar, by design. But one flyer from the "National Campaign for an Impeachment Inquiry" has surfaced, and it's a doozy. Haven't gotten it in the mail already? More details, below.

"This might be our last chance to save freedom in America."

That's the message a piece of direct mail sent out by the National Campaign for an Impeachment Inquiry, a project of The Conservative Caucus, which is calling — as their name would suggest — for the impeachment of President Barack Obama.

Why you ask? Well, for one, there's "ObamaCare," which TCC brands as an effort to "control the people." Also, Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro like Obama and his "march of America toward Socialism, or worse."

The flyer, obtained by TPMMuckraker, includes a "national ballot of 5,000,000 registered voters" on "Whether Congress Should Launch An Impeachment Inquiry Into President Barack Hussein Obama's Assault On Our Constitution."

"The purpose of this survey of 5,000,000 registered voters is to show pro-freedom, pro-Constitutional members of Congress that there is broad public support for the new Congress to conduct a full Inquiry into whether President Barack Hussein Obama has kept his oath of office to faithfully 'protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America'," the flyer reads. Cited in the survey are Fox News' Judge Andrew Napolitano and Sen. Jim DeMint.

"We certainly will not get any action on Impeachment from the current Congress — now controlled by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid," reads the piece of direct mail. "But we should demand an Impeachment Inquiry as one of the first orders of business of the new Congress. We must begin our campaign to educate voters and mobilize public support for an Impeachment Inquiry now, before the election of the new Congress.

Here are some highlights:

  • "Fidel Castro is not the only Communist dictator to applaud Obama's march of America toward Socialism, or worse. The America-hating Communist dictator of Venezuela Hugo Chavez noted in a speech that Obama is to the Left of him and Chavez's good friend, Fidel Castro. Chavez even calls President Obama 'Comrade Obama!'" (page 13).
  • "ObamaCare sets up 159 new government agencies — and builds an enormousness Soviet-style bureaucratic government administrative apparatus." (page 13).
  • Obama is "refusing to enforce the law concerning homosexuals in the military." (page 16).
  • "President Obama is rapidly consolidating his power and destroying our Constitutional Republic." (page 16).

So how can you stop Obama's march to towards socialism? By answering their "Rescue Liberty Call-to-Action" by donating money to help fund the direct mail campaign, of course!

The Board of Directors includes Chairman Howard Phillips, a three-time presidential candidate who served in the Nixon administration; Secretary Matthew L. Chancey, who is a member of a group that equates "homosexuals, pedophiles, bestials and rapists"; and Treasurer Darrell Castle, who is a member of the conservative Constitution Party. Other members of the board include James Clymer, the current chair of the Constitution Party; Dr. William Campbell Douglass II, a doctor who has written against Obamacare; Maj. F. Andy Messing, who founded the conservative think tank National Defense Council Foundation that, among other things, defended the apartheid state of Rhodesia; and Marc Morano, who runs a climate change skeptic website according to the document.

A secretary said that Phillips wasn't available for an interview on Thursday.

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