Tabloid sexpot Andrea Peyser, who frequently writes about her dislike for gays, would now like to share her opinion on the Tyler Clementi suicide. Her main point: let's not sully Tyler's memory by lumping him in with some minority.

First, Andrea Peyser, a cheap xenophobic fearmonger of the first order, reads the mind of a young gay man who was driven to suicide:

It's doubtful that Tyler Clementi, the student who jumped to his death from the George Washington Bridge, would want to be named in the same breath as the would-be Latin Kings Goonies gang banger who suffered a horrific assault.

She's referring, of course, to the 17 year-old Bronx kid who was kidnapped, beaten, and sodomized by neighborhood thugs, because he wanted to join their little gang, and they found out he was gay, and decided to torture him, along with his lover. Andrea Peyser knows that Tyler Clementi wouldn't want to be compared to that kid, because she knows that Tyler Clementi was a racist. She has a great racist-dar.

The guilty should be punished, absolutely. But it cheapens Clementi's memory to put him in the same league as a potentially vicious gangster.

Tyler Clementi is the type of kid that Andrea Peyser would be cracking cruel jokes about in print if he were still alive. Since he's not, she has now appointed herself the guardian of his legacy. And that legacy shall be: Tyler Clementi would not want to be compared to some Latino kid. We should all focus on our differences, rather than our similarities. A legacy of hatred and fear! You honor him, Andrea.