Today we took a bleak look at the modern rules of dating. There are so many dealbreakers! Thankfully one charming commenter showed up and restored our faith in romance.

From Canayan:

Her daughters: "Even if a guy is dirt-broke I expect him to pick me up on the first date and pay for it. After that I'm fine going Dutch."""""

And they say gender roles have evolved.

If a chick sneers if I ask for seperate checks, I promptly leave money on the table, get up and walk away and never look back. I did it a couple of times.

I don't want to do have anything to do with a woman who thinks I should provide. Independant women ftw.

Once a girl actually told me that I should be picking up the check and I said: "When a man pays for the company of a woman he barely knows, we call that an escort. What does that make you?" Tears ensued. What a wreck.

PM him for a date!

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