His Palo Alto, California-based social network is valued at around $35 billion, but that doesn't mean 26-year-old Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is ready to commit to something as, like, serious as a lease. He's happy as the world's richest hobo.

The felon hallucinogen lover who is suing Zuckerberg for control of Facebook is now contesting the Facebook co-founder's California residency, according to the Wall Street Journal.

In the course of discovery, plaintiff Paul Ceglia's attorney determined Zuckerberg is renting his Palo Alto digs on a month to month basis. That would be the modest rental house Zuckerberg leases right next door to a millionaire YouTube co-founder. Ceglia says the month-to-month deal helps show Zuckerberg is living "a sort of duffel bag, apartment-to-apartment, transient life" on two coasts.

Facebook, meanwhile, insists that, whatever the terms of his housing rental, the CEO is registered to vote there, gets bills sent there and has registered his car there. And Facebook HQ is a "short walk" away.

Besides, why should Zuckerberg commit to a 12 month deal? There can't be any real pressure for him to commit. No landlord is his right mind is going to put the screws to a $4 billion tenant. He can probably go week to week if he wants. Or day to day, He's the "CEO of Facebook, bitch."