California is a debt-enslaved failed state. So what else should the two gubernatorial candidates, Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman, debate about besides the semantics of the word "whore"? When is "whore" appropriate? Let's find out.

Whitman came into last night's final debate ready to milk the everlasting hell out of Jerry Brown's WHOOPS moment last week, when he forgot to hang up his phone and an aide could be overheard calling Whitman's campaign "whores" for giving public safety unions an exemption in proposed state pension cuts, in return for their endorsements. So Brown re-apologized for the incident during the debate last night. Whitman, however, didn't accept this apology, and had to lecture "Jerry" about the history of this word "whore," and how it's "deeply offensive to women" and should never be used. To which Brown offered this parry-thrust: Well why didn't your campaign chairman, Pete Wilson, apologize for calling members of Congress "whores"? Whitman says, oh come on, "Jerry," that's totally different and perfectly fine. Everyone then laughs at Meg Whitman.

Whitman, by the way, has just donated another $20 million of her own money to her campaign, bringing the record-breaking total up to $140 million, which is completely fucking ridiculous and really not efficient at all, since she's still losing to a candidate with like four cents.

Whores, all of them. Including old Tom Brokaw, the moderator, who told Jerry Brown at one point that saying "whore," ever, was the same thing as saying the N-word to a black person. [TPM]