Last night Nick Swardson's Pretend Time made it's debut on Comedy Central. The show had everything that Swardson had promised: Wheelchair Cat, the uncomfortable Donkey Sex Club, the return of the Gay Robot—and so much more. Videos inside.

This show is probably the best new show that Comedy Central has put out in some time. It's far less awkward that Michael and Michael Have Issues (which I loved anyway) and doesn't have the "speaking to an audience" segments like Important Things With Demetri Martin and Chappelle's Show did. The transitions—all done through TV screens—were flawless, making it easy for sketches transition to each other. The show's setup makes for an incredible, laugh-filled half hour.

It was hard to pick our favorite segments from the show—and luckily, Wheelchair Cat was released over the summer and can be watched online. Here's "Gary Gaga," a New Jersey cop whose older sister just so happens to a very famous pop star.

[There was a video here]

My second favorite of the night was the return of Gay Robot, a series that Swardson had put online years ago. In this clip, he's the bouncer at a bar that happens to run into Ryan Phillipe. And it's the real Ryan Phillipe. (Perhaps MacGruber and his SNL appearance whet his appetite for comedy?)

[There was a video here]

I might be biased (as I've been a fan of his from his early Comedy Central Presents days when I was a wee gal in high school) but I think this episode was a very strong series debut and see it lasting for at least three seasons.

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