Is Tribune Co. "Chief Bong Hitting Innovations Officer" Lee Abrams the stupidest man in America not currently starring in an MTV reality show? That's what she said, haha. Oh, we mean: Yes.

Lee Abrams is famous for writing barely literate, apparently drug-induced memos. They were funny for us, but they were never funny if you actually had to work for the man, especially since the company was going bankrupt while Lee was opining on matters like "SEX AND RELIGION ARE THE TWO MOST IMPORTANT TOPICS ION THE WORLD!" And nothing is funny at Tribune any more, after David Carr's massive exposé of the company's corrupt, sexist, idiot management culture. Of course that did not deter Lee Abrams from sending a companywide memo this week with links to "pretty inspirational or at least interesting" content, such as this, from The Onion:

One was a satirical panel discussion of the need for educators to accept that "students don't give a (expletive)." Another was a fictional report on the crash of a bus full of reality-show contestants "spilling more than 2,000 pounds of slut" on the highway.

The Onion's bus crash story included women grinding against each other and kissing. It concluded with the fake anchor urging the fake correspondent on the scene to "stay safe out there, and don't (have sex with) any of those sluts."

Haha. Sluts. That's the type of un-PC outside-the-box thinking that's made Tribune into America's most profitable media company. Oh actually no, they're bankrupt and they cost thousands of employees their stable retirement. Sorry. Lee Abrams has now apologized. Lee, I'm sure there's a Louisville-area morning radio show that would put your talents to better use than this ungrateful company can. You no-longer-amusing clown.