Gosh darn it, she really just isn't going anywhere. Also today: Some really great reality show ideas sound really great, including one with Heidi Klum "interacting" with your children. Plus news of the economy!

Oh groannnnnn. "Thirty-five-year-old" Chelsea Handler has been given another show on the E! television network for shut-ins. This one is a semi-improvised sitcom thing called After Lately, about the behind-the-scenes hilarity at Chelsea's other, real show Chelsea Lately. (I guess all the backstage hilarity takes up all the hilarity so the talk show doesn't get to have any?) It's very much in the vein of The Larry Sanders Show, except there was no actual Larry Sanders Show. And it was funny. [THR]

Hey ladies! Get your thinking caps on! Here's your opportunity to finally make something of yourself, y'know, get out of the house for a little while during the day before it's time to pick up the kids. The increasingly relevant TLC network is partnering up with the Home Shopping Network to do a show in which ladies, just regular ol' ladies, will compete to sell their homemade crap on HSN. Just ladies, peddling their pieces of crap on Crapstravaganza TV. Gooooo ladies! Sisters are doin' it for themselves! Good for you, TLC. Just in general. Great past couple of years, guys. [Variety]

OMGosh, speaking of ladies! Heidi Klum is doing a new show on Lifetime where it's just her talking to kids. Seriously. Der Kinder Hour, or Seriously Funny Kids as it will be called in the States, features Klum "interacting with children." Terrific! "Hallo childrens. How are you making feelings today? Are your feelings good or are they nasty feelings? Hallo! I have a firetruck and a single hat. Would you children like to play with thems? Here-ing is my husband, a seal. Ork! Ork! Ork! That is what a seal is sounding like. Hallo children! Would you like some Gewürzanheffer candies? They taste of sorghum!" I will watch the hell out of that show. The hell out of it. [Deadline]

HBO has announced quite the starry cast for its movie version of Too Big To Fail, a hilarious comedy about some little oopsies they made down in the money district. Cynthia Nixon is playing Michele Davis, Paul Giamatti is Ben Bernanke, Ed Asner is Warren Buffett (genius!), James Woods is Dick Fuld, Billy Crudup is Tim Geithner, Tony Shalhoub is John Mack, Kathy Baker is Wendy Paulson, and Topher Grace, yes the Topher Grace, will be assuming the role of Jim Wilkinson. Good for ol' Jackass. Oh, and William Hurt is playing Hank Paulson, and Curtis Hanson is directing. Should be good! Y'know, good in the way that Recount was good. Like, "Oh yeah, this is really good. Laura Dern is great. I'm just going to take one second to see what's on HGTV, but then I'm coming right back... Right... back..." Y'know. That kind of good. [THR]

Aha. Andy Richter, TV's most dogged sidekick, will in fact be joining the Conan program on TBS. So, good for him. No surprise there. Sigh. [The Wrap]

Speaking of TBS! They have partnered up with Funny or Die to develop a TV show called Undercover Karaoke, based on the success of "Undercover Karaoke with Jewel", a humor video featuring acclaimed poetess Jewel Kilcher. Basically she dressed up like a normal lady and went to karaoke and sang her own songs and everyone was like "Oh, she's really good" and then she was like "Ha, ha, it's me, a rich and famous person" and everyone applauded and felt great. Don't you kind of hate that shit? "Surprise, it's me! Amazing, amazing me!!" Who does that? Who is just so... about themselves that they do that? Oh, well, celebrities I guess. I guess celebrities are that into themselves. So, get ready for a whole lot more of that. "Why that fellow sings just like country music sensation Brad Paisley. Oh my stars! It is country music sensation Brad Paisley! Oh gosh, look at him. So famous. So Paisley." You can watch this show right after you get done watching Lady Wars or whatever that stupid TLC show is called. And you can just sit on the couch, just little old you, eating your Gewürzanheffer candies, another idle evening darkening around you. [Deadline]