Today at Gawker.TV, George Clooney recalls being spit on in Sudan, Cuddy goes bare on House, Pauly D on the Tonight Show, and How I Met Your Mother decides what it takes to become a real New Yorker.

How I Met Your Mother Ponders What Makes a Real New Yorker
When a friend downtown texts with a Woody Allen sighting, the gang decides that a "true New Yorker" wouldn't care. This spawns a discussion about which public transportation system is fastest and inspires an episode-long race through Manhattan.

George Clooney's Hotness Factor Skyrockets With Humanitarian Work
America's quintessential hot bachelor ditches the glamorous life for humanitarian work in Sudan. On the Today Show, George Clooney debriefs us on his experience with the Sudanese people and customs, including an interesting saliva-filled blessing.

Pauly D Makes a Pretty Charming Appearance on the Tonight Show
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno was an overload of machismo last night with guests Jay Mohr and DJ Pauly D. The Jersey Shore star was surprisingly amused and lucid in explaining "guido" jargon. Watch the clip after the jump.

Lisa Edelstein Once Again Dares to Bare on This Week's House
A few weeks ago, we suggested that Lisa "Cuddy" Edelstein might be employing a body double to spice up her nude-ish scenes with Hugh Laurie, but last night's episode of House endeavored to prove us wrong.

Pastor Randy Saves Another Soul on Weeds
Pastor Randy and family found a place to park their camper and live as the newest religious leaders in town on Weeds. Andy is a fitting pastor, Nancy a fantastic choir leader, and Doug the perfect creepy family friend.