Now that he's already denounced Christiane Amanpour's foreign, Taliban-supporting hair, what shall Washington Post TV critic Tom Shales denounce today? Sexy, sexy things. Girls gallivanting about with their epidermis hanging out! And sexting. Oh yes—sexting.

Shales' column today is about... well, I'm not really sure. It's a bit of a grab bag. A very sexual grab bag. Sex, television, and what Tom Shales thinks about those things.

But somehow even dark ages of denial may sometimes seem preferable to the letting of it all hang out, which has been standard operating procedure for a few crazy mixed-up decades now. No wonder some of us may feel like starting, or joining, a group called Prude Pride, and wondering if maybe there aren't worse things to be called than "old-fashioned" when it comes to such troubling phenomena as the swapping of nude pictures by teenagers via cellphone and "sexting."

He also reminisces upon "Girls in bikinis danced with jokes grease-painted to their epidermis on "Rowan & Martin's 'Laugh-In,'" and comments upon how the publication of a stalker's nude photos of Erin Andrews really "turned up the sexual heat" when she appeared on Dancing With the Stars.

The word "masturbation" also appears in this column.

Tom Shales, ladies and gentlemen.

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