"What is Vanilla Ice up to these days?" you probably asked yourself this morning, while guzzling orange Faygo and weeping. Well, like most Americans, Vanilla Ice has reinvented himself as a reality TV "star." To the delight of Fox News!

Vanilla's new show, "The Vanilla Ice Project," debuts on the DIY network Thursday night. Check your local listings to ensure that the "DIY network" actually exists. In true Vanilla fashion, this "housing project" is a house in Palm Beach, that Vanilla and his crew renovate, for an entire season. At the end, it's revealed that Vanilla never really even held a hammer, in real life.

Kidding! U no we luved U in fifth grade so muchxxx, Vanilla. Here is a video (via Ben Smith) of Fox and Friends hosts totally spaz twitching to Ice Ice Baby which makes Vanilla Ice's entire career more than worthwhile.

[There was a video here]