Two British men today face sentencing for running an illegal DIY online sperm bank out of a home basement, after a woman filed a complaint over receiving a supposedly anonymous donors full name along with a syringe of his sperm.

Court filings claim that some 800 women ordered sperm from the two men, Nigel Woodforth and Ricky Gage, who operated their company under hilarious names such as Sperm Direct Limited and First4Fertility out of Woodforth's basement in Reading. From The Independent:

A box, wrapped in grey polythene and containing a pot of sperm and a 10ml syringe, was delivered to her home late one night, the court was told.

Ms Bhalla-Pentley used the sperm for self-insemination but failed to get pregnant. She paid the company another £300 and arranged for another donation from the man the following month.

She contacted the company when a copy of the donor's medical tests was sent to her with his name visible. She asked for a refund, but she was told she could not have one.

Okay, we know ordering sperm online is nothing new. But doesn't receiving a late night delivery of sperm in a syringe, packed in a cooler, seem a bit weird? And the fact that it came from a man's basement is just gross. Who the hell knows where that sperm came from? We can only guess (and dry heave).

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