Here's a trailer for the upcoming indie Blue Valentine, the Ryan Gosling/Michelle Williams relationship drama that bowled critics over at Cannes with its realistic (read: very depressing) take on a romance that blossoms then rots. It looks... so Brooklyn?

Well, you know, just with its gritty camerawork and those tight jeans and hoodies and whatnot. All the critics who adored the film praised it for being so real and believable, and yet... a ukulele serenade? Is that a thing that real couples are doing these days? I don't spend that much time in Bushwick, but I've certainly never seen that whenever I've been there. Obviously there might be, y'know, a little more to the movie than this pretty vague trailer implies, but the look and tone on display so far make it seem like quite the hipster fantasia.

Interestingly enough, the film just got a box office-killing NC-17 rating, which is often the kiss of death for awards chances. Supposedly the sexual content is too graphic? So perhaps the Weinstein Company will edit the doin' it so the film can slip in under the R's fence, which means we won't see the exact film that everyone's been so crazy about, which is too bad. That it got such a hard rating speaks more to the idea that this little ukulele tune trailer probably doesn't accurately represent every aspect of the film.

Anyway, here's a clip that was released last spring: