Intrepid sex journalist Andrea Peyser has uncovered the latest plot by radical Islamic fascists to brainwash good Christian children into bomb vest-wearing terror robots: a Saturday morning cartoon. With Muslims in it! Isn't that illegal, here in the USA?

Peyser, a racist, today freaks out over an as-yet-unaired cartoon called The 99. It's like a regular cartoon, but with 99 Muslim superheroes—enough to overpower the security guards on the Ground Zero site, should these fictional characters so choose. The worst part? It's been sanctioned at the highest levels, by you know who:

No higher an authority than President Obama praised the work of the comic's creator, Kuwaiti psychologist Naif al-Mustawa. At an April meeting with Arab entrepreneurs, Obama said, "His superheroes embody the teachings of the tolerance of Islam."

There was no stopping it.

This show has "the seal of approval of a Sharia board," which is just as terrifying as something being declared Kosher, which is another thing that the New York Post writes angry racist rants about all the time, right? (Check this).

How can a secular nation endorse a children's show aimed at pushing one religion? ...

"Muslim superheroes?" asked Rich Pecorella, who lost his fiancée on 9/11. "They're dragging religion into an area that we don't drag religion into in this country."


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