Have you ever wanted to smell like a city? Now's your chance: The City of Beverly Hills next year will debut its own line of perfume, emblazoned with the city's logo because it is a "center of fashion, sophistication, energy."

In January, you'll be able to buy the perfume at department stores for $120, and a line of men's cologne will come out later in the year for $75 per bottle. The president of a marketing firm that specializes in the "masses as well as the classes," Pam Danziger, talked to the AP in awful branding-speak:

When I think of Beverly Hills, I think of ground zero in conspicuous consumption lifestyle. Every city has souvenirs, so for Beverly Hills, why not some perfume? It makes sense."

Oh god. So yeah, this awesome new brand of perfume will make you smell rich and famous and totally awesome! Next up in the city-as-perfume game? We can only hope it will be Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

[Image via AP]