After receiving criticism from Anderson Cooper and GLAAD, Universal has removed a dumb gay joke from its trailer for the new Vince Vaughn movie The Dilemma. This is a huge blow to Americans' right to make dumb gay jokes.

Here's the new, gay joke-free trailer for the Vince Vaughn/Kevin James movie

And the previous gay joke-featuring trailer:

This is troubling. What's going to happen to all the teenage boys who really wanted to see The Dilemma after watching the trailer with the gay joke? Now that the gay joke isn't in the trailer, they might realize The Dilemma looks like just a kind of shitty Vince Vaughn movie. What Universal should have done is replace the gay joke in the trailer with a black screen and the words HILARIOUS GAY JOKE. That way people who loved the gay joke could know it's still in the movie. [Deadline Hollywood]