Ben Harper and Laura Dern: Splitsville, USA. Population: Them. Justin Bieber's new line of nail polish! Mariah Carey throws a birthday bash. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart spotted doing normal couple things. Sunday Gossip Roundup! It's here.

  • We never really got singer Ben Harper and actress Laura Dern's marriage. Looks like Ben Harper didn't either: He filed for divorce on Friday, citing irreconcilable difference. He probably found out she bought a John Mayer album on iTunes. Nothing angers him more. [TMZ]
  • Pop starlet Justin Bieber is launching a line of nail polish to be sold exclusively at Walmart during the holidays. This is exciting. Now girls can have Justin Bieber all over their fingers! [E!]
  • Kelsey Grammer's girlfriend Kayte Walsh had a miscarriage. Sad. [People]
  • Kody Brown the polygamist from the reality show Sister Wives just got married to his fourth wife. (That's four wives at a time.) Must be hard to figure out the wedding registry on this one. Do you really need four crystal punchbowls? [TMZ]
  • Modern Family star Sofia Vergara is so worried about her boyfriend after he got in a car accident that she can't sleep. "The worst part is not sleeping and me losing my beauty sleep," she said. Probably the worst part is your boyfriend being critically injured in a car accident! [People]
  • Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart got a drink on top of a hotel together! Because this is what people do when they're DATING, which is what Pattinson and Stewart are TOTALLY DOING. DATING. THEY ARE DATING. [X17]
  • Mariah Carey had a big birthday party for her husband Nick Cannon's 30th birthday party. No pictures from the event, but we imagine there was much horse and rainbow imagery. Isn't her entire life just one Lisa Frank dreamscape? [Daily Mail]
  • The entire Internet saw New York Jets quarterback Brett Favre's cock, after our buddies at Deadspin posted dick pictures he texted to a woman. Sources say that two other women were sexted by Favre. They were massage therapists employed by the team. This is like even a grosser Tiger Woods scandal. [Deadspin]
  • Fameball Tila Tequila and former publicist and current fameball Kate Major are now BFFs, apparently. If you look into both of their eyes at the same time, did you know you can see the cause of your own death? There's going to be a reality show starring the two, where they just walk around and people gaze into their eyes and see themselves hacked to death by a ride-on lawn mower. [Radar]

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