In your finally Friday media colum: the Katie Couric rumor mill churns, the NYO's departures demographically analyzed, The Printed Blog returns, Newsweek prepares to move, and our price list revealed.

  • Today's speculation on where Katie Couric will be headed when she inevitably leaves CBS after her contract is up in May: CNN, maybe! They need help over there! We're betting on NBC, but it's still early. I mean, can you imagine actual humans saying to themselves, "I was going to watch Fox News (or MSNBC), but because of my strong affinity for Katie Couric, I will instead tune into CNN." It just doesn't make sense.
  • 75% of the staffers who have left the New York Observer in the past year have been either gay men or women. Do with this information what you will.
  • The Printed Blog, the exactly-what-it-sounds-like thing that make a brief, bright appearance on the media scene last year, is back, and you can download its latest issue here. And print it out.
  • Newsweek will be packing up and moving its remaining staffers to 7 Hanover Square in the Financial District before Thanksgiving. Which is a real shame, what with the majesty of that big old building they have in Midtown with "NEWSWEEK" written on it, now. They should take the sign with them, definitely.
  • Here is roughly how much we will pay for your sex tapes.