Former Virginia Sen. George Allen, who was coasting to re-election in 2006 until he called someone, on video, the obscure racial epithet "macaca," is prepping a 2012 Senate run for his old seat! Finally, things are returning to normal.

George Allen calling his opponent's gaffe-tracker a "macaca" was the original "YouTube moment" in politics, where saying something really racist on tape derails an entire campaign. But that was four years ago! Now George Allen knows everything about the Internet. He even has one of those Facebook thingies that Hollywood's always making movies about:

POLITICO has learned that Allen, the Republican who was ousted from his seat in 2006 by Democratic Sen. Jim Webb, recently huddled with National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman John Cornyn to discuss a prospective bid. He is also burnishing his profile through a series of public events, spreading cash through his political action committee and has even launched a Facebook page.

A poll last year showed that many Virginians wanted their old racist Senator Allen back, so fair enough. Bring on the Restoration! This whole "Democratic Virginia" experiment over the past few election cycles clearly could never last.

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