Her star is fading so she's making ends meet by charging $20,000 for her "time" with wealthy gentlemen. This Real Housewife is trying to steal Kim Zolciak's girlfriend. Girlfriend thief is the world's second oldest profession.

1. "This singer just isn't selling the way she used to. Her lifestyle hasn't changed, though, so she is forced to come up with other ways to meet the gap in income. As most gigs just don't pay that well, she has turned to the world's oldest profession. She still has a famous name, so she has no trouble getting her price. If you're interested, be prepared to shell out $20k. No, she doesn't do the GFE or PSE. Oh, and you must wear protection. So, sleazy but safe." [Blind Gossip]

2. "This one involves a Real Housewife. Kind of. Yeah, that is the big clue. Anyway, this Housewife is working feverishly to try and steal away the girlfriend of Kim Z from RHATL. Apparently our unnamed Housewife thinks it will be great publicity and she does not mind being portrayed as a bisexual if she can make a few bucks off it. Oh, and it is no one in Atlanta or Orange County." [CDaN]