Puffy, halo-haired hypocrite xenophobe Lou Dobbs is absolutely outraged that The Nation would correctly report that he employed illegal immigrants as workers at his various palatial estates. What—do they want Lou Dobbs to start racial profiling?

Lou went on all 114 of America's television news programs last night and this morning to carry his powerful message: How was I to know the Mexicans grooming my multimillion-dollar stable of show horses were illegal? Lou, after all, is just an average American. He said on Good Morning America:

"Unless you're asking me and millions of other Americans to engage in racial profiling, because that's the only way you can satisfy the objections that the Nation has raised, that would be racial profiling on my part to make sure this thing doesn't happen. That's what you're suggesting," he said.

Lou Dobbs would die before he engaged in racial profiling. But not before he said "illegal aliens" are "committing sex crimes" and "flooding across our borders in some cases carrying dangerous diseases" and "Illegal alien smugglers and drug traffickers are on the verge of ruining some of our national treasures" and "Illegal aliens [are]taking up a third of the cells in our federal penitentiaries" and "The real losers are the hard-working millions of Americans each day who are watching their wages depressed in many cases."

Cases other than this one.

Lou Dobbs Hired Illegal Immigrants Because He Hates Racial Profiling
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